The diamond is the most precious,
not only of precious stones,
but of all things in this world.


Op. Cit. Naturalis Historiae (Encyclopaedia of Natural History) by Pliny the Elder


Over the centuries, diamonds have been mentioned endless times, written about by literati and persons of culture, but the diamond was already known in the Orient as long ago as 3000 B.C. and we have Alexander the Great to thank for its appearance in the western world. The Greeks considered this wonderful stone “a fragment of the stars fallen to earth”, while for the ancient Romans it was a “powerful talisman” that would increase love until it became eternal.

This is why, down through the centuries, diamonds have become the quintessential gift of love. 

Choosing diamonds 

Bibigì’s meticulous selection of diamonds is carried out by expert IGI/Antwerp qualified gemmologists  as a guarantee of constant quality in time. The main factors determining a diamond’s quality and value are the “4 Cs”:






A diamond’s colour is classified using an alphabetical scale
from D (colourless) to Z (yellow or light brown).

Its clarity is determined by the number, position and size of its inclusions and is classified using an international 10-grade scale:

Bibigì guarantee of the natural origin of its diamonds

On purchase, all Bibigì diamonds are screened using special certified precision instruments that guarantee their origin  and natural formation during geological processes over time.