Bibigì was founded in 1979, an enterprising initiative set in motion by Franco Beltrami, Aldo Bernardotti, and Bruno Guarona, three friends, professionals from the gold jewellery sector, who decided to join forces in this intense exciting venture.

Great experience, a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit and an inherent talent for taste came together in the creation of marvellous jewellery collections by Bibigì. Their ambitious desire was to bring a breath of fresh air and innovation to the world of jewellery, in order to gain recognition and make their names known.

Bibigì aims to convey a well-defined self image, adopting a philosophy of interpretation of jewellery that will last in time.


Things were difficult initially, mainly because from September 1979 to January of the following year, gold went up in price at an astronomical rate, but Franco, Aldo and Bruno did not give up and their efforts were rewarded: customer response to Bibigì creations was positive. This was the start of their participation in the main sector fairs, Valenza first, followed by Vicenza, Rome and Basle. 

In 1983, at the Valenza fair, Bibigì achieved it first big success, winning first prize in the competition for the “unusual jewel”. At that time, the two main characteristics of the Bibigì philosophy, innovation and connotation, were enhanced by reworking of two classic products: the brooch and the tie pin.

The new twist lay in the design and materials used and the resulting brooches had animal shapes: little birds, ducks, and ladybirds in yellow gold with splendid hand-enamelled details. This figurative slant was to become a signature trademark of Bibigì products.

Thanks especially to these unusual articles, the company was very successful in Italy and on international markets, the USA and Japan in particular. These imaginative lines plus use of colour were what identified Bibigì in Italy and worldwide.

Its production stood out for its sophisticated, original design, the high quality of the stones selected and attention to manufacture, but above all for the emotion and joy that Bibigì jewels arouse in the heart of the beholder and the wearer.


The eighties were a period of growth for Bibigì, both financially and in terms of size. The company expanded and consequently more staff were taken on with a new foreign sales division set up alongside the existing Italian office, to deal with the growing numbers of international customers.

The company’s creative vein knew no bounds and the success of the coloured lines was maintained thanks to the use of new materials. Enamel was gradually replaced by clear, translucent and opaque coloured stones: not only emeralds, rubies and sapphires, but also tourmalines, quartzes, garnets, peridots, etc..

The use of these stones was enhanced by the imaginative collections that Bibigì brought out with increasing insistence towards the end of the nineties: originality and visionary design teamed with lively colours and the inimitable dazzle of diamonds.

It is true to say that the entire Bibigì range is a complete assortment of jewels that go from the classic to the unusual, meeting the demands of a complex, varied clientele.

In the 2000s, the children of the founding partners joined the company, marking an important milestone that was a sign of the company’s future projects. The enthusiasm, ideas and eagerness of these young people was then channelled and trained thanks to the experience of their fathers, lending continuity to a story begun thirty years earlier.

Bibigì continued to change,
market demands and constant product study
were what drove these young businesspeople in their search for an “easier” jewel,
better suited to different needs but above all more affordable for all.


This led to the creation of Pret a Porter, a line of jewels that reworked the great jewellery classics and also interpreted younger trends too, with a chic twist and cool, light design.


Growth saw Bibigì increase its investments in marketing and communication, developing what is today one of its strong points: the service it offers its customers.

Bibigì today is a solid company with a precise positioning and well-defined market recognition, its distinguishing features mainly enhanced by the competence and energy that Michela and Matteo Bernardotti put into their work every day, showing the same dedication as their founding fathers before them, but above all with the same deep passion for their jewellery.