Diamanti certificati
Diamanti certificati


A certified Bibigì diamond is an investment that never changes in time.

The equilibrium of its carats, colour, cut and clarity is the result of the properties of the cut diamond, the famous 4Cs that together determine its market value and make it unique, forever.

The Bibigì guarantee attests to the fact that each diamond is inspected by expert IGI Antwerp gemmologists,
then sealed in a tiny blister packet that will keep it safely with its certificate, until it is purchased. 
On an economic market like todays, buying goods that hold their value to safeguard private capital
and having a diversified portfolio has become a determining factor.

A certified diamond can prove to be a safe choice because it is a tangible asset
that has an inherent value that does not change with time.

A Bibigì certified investment diamond may well be a strategic choice because it is guaranteed
by sector professionals.

All Bibigì diamonds are selected, inspected and certified by expert gemmologists to guarantee their quality.
This certification also includes the use of YEHUDA DETECTOR® for recognising
OVD-HPHT synthetic diamonds.
 Inside its elegant box, it is always a fabulous, memorable gift,
suitable for any occasion.