BIBIGì creates emotions

Let the allure of Bibigì jewellery entice you into a world of colour,
where engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and earrings in precious stones fire your desire.

You will fall in love with our imagination, the dazzle of our diamonds and colours of our precious stones,because Bibigì turns your best emotions into a jewel.

Some masterpieces
are destined to make history.
Bibigì Collections


Ring AS1446B


The Vogue collection was created to celebrate Bibigì.’s 40th anniversary.
It also celebrates  the skill of the Valenza goldsmiths school   which, combined with a little  innovation  and sophistication, brings to life a jewel  with spectacular design  in unmistakable  total Bibigì style.

Ring AS0150B


The Valentine collection by Bibigì stands out for its “easy” personality and its simple lines reveal a minimal, extremely youthful style,   perfectly in line with the times.

Ring AS0150B
Ring ANS9944B


The Unica collection by Bibigì gets its name from its characteristic U-shaped four-point collet, an open setting that allows the diamond  to receive more light and shine back twice as brightly.

Rings AS1326B


The Prestige collection by Bibigì embraces an understated minimal look.
The crown pattern on its claw collet sets off the diamond in all its dazzling splendour as the absolute main player of this ring. Perfect to wear whatever the occasion, it has royally prestigious style.

Rings AS1326B


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