Bibigì has always fully respected values in compliance with the KIMBERLY PROCESS PROCEDURE, purchasing diamonds exclusively from guaranteed, conflict-free sources. Suppliers who have shown they are not capable of fully respecting our standards no longer work with our company.  

Bibigì has committed to ensuring that the diamonds its customers buy are accompanied by certification attesting that they come from conflict-free zones.

What are conflict diamonds?

These are diamonds traded illegally to finance conflict.

The term was coined at the end of the nineties, when the rebels in some African countries used diamonds to fund military action in opposition to legitimate governments. At the peak of this phenomenon, conflict diamonds accounted for just 4% of all the world’s diamond production. Today they represent a much lower percentage:
less than 1%.

What has been done to solve this problem?

To put a stop to conflict diamond trafficking, in November 2002, the diamond sector, the countries involved, the UN and various NGOs (non-government organisations) adopted the KIMBERLY PROCESS conformity certification system.

To ensure that only diamonds from legal origins are put on the market, a system of guarantees was subsequently put in place. Today, more than 99% of the world’s diamond production comes with certificates that guarantee their origin in conflict-free zones.

KP procedure compliance certification

Raw diamonds traded between Kimberley Process member countries are shipped in tamper-resistant containers and accompanied by a KP certificate authenticated by the government authorities.

Declaration of conformity with the guarantee system

Once the diamonds have been imported and are ready for sale, all the invoices must be accompanied by a written declaration that certifies that the diamonds or diamond jewels come from a legal source.