The Vogue collection was created to celebrate Bibigì.’s 40th anniversary.

It also celebrates the skill of the Valenza goldsmiths school   which, combined with a little innovation and sophistication, brings to life a jewel with spectacular design in unmistakable total Bibigì style.

Bibigì has always interpreted nature, translating flowers and animals into wonderful, timeless jewels suitable for a target of any age.

Bibigì and nature: a strategic successful pairing that highlights the soft rounded shapes  of the Vogue collection,  bringing to mind the fragrant petals of springtime flowers, ready to burst open and offer the bees their most precious fruit, pollen. In the same way, the sinuous petals of the Vogue ring open to reveal all the light of the precious sparkling diamond set in their midst.

Available with central diamond, 0.14 carats or larger.


The Mon Amour collection is a triumph of light, the diamond in the centre of this Bibigì jewel seemingly crowned by a double ring of brilliants that dazzle with reflected light.
Just like the most intense love is expressed with greater passion, the light of diamonds, all-time undisputed tokens of the deepest sentiments, explodes in a blaze of light, bewitching the beholder and bringing joy to those in love.
Available with 0.30 and 0.50 carat central diamonds.


The Unica collection by Bibigì gets its name from its characteristic U-shaped four-point collet, an open setting that allows the diamond to receive more light and shine back twice as brightly.

Unica because its brilliance is unique and without compare, a jewel that shines even brighter to ensure a memory becomes unforgettable and the woman who wears it exclusive.

Model available in all carats for all the variants.


The Elle Collection by Bibigì was created to celebrate a woman, dressing her in the dazzling light of diamonds.

Its special polished base setting reflects the diamond in an amazing   mirror effect, making it look bigger than it actually is.

Elegant and stylish, the Elle collection stands out thanks to its extraordinary brilliance.

Available with central diamonds, 0.09 carats and larger.


The Prestige collection by Bibigì embraces an understated minimal look.

Its setting with crown design enhances the diamond that stands proud in all its brilliant splendour as the absolute star of the jewel. Perfect to wear whatever the occasion, it has royally prestigious style.

Available in all carats from 10 cents.


The Nodo d’Amore collection by Bibigì is the jewel that celebrates love, the most overwhelming and devoted of sentiments that two people instinctively feel for each other.

What would you not do for love? Brilliants that encircle and embrace the most radiant and dazzling gem of them all: the diamond.

The diamond and love, together traditionally throughout history.

Available in 0.30 and 0.50 carats.


The Valentine collection by Bibigì stands out for its “easy” personality
and its simple lines reveal a minimal, extremely youthful style, perfectly in line with the times.

A practical jewel suitable for wearing every day, and its diamond, light-filled and radiant, will play a starring role whatever the day may bring.

Available with central diamond, 0.08 carats and larger.


The Estasi collection Bibigì is a joyous ode to the beauty of a woman, regal and alluring it stands out for its brightness and brilliance.

Its soft shapes, studded with brilliants that glitter at a single glance, never go unnoticed.

It is an ecstasy of light that shines on the hand of its wearer.


The Imperialis collection by Bibigì is imperial in name and shape.

An important must-have in a classic sovereign style.

The light of the diamonds is accentuated by the brilliants set into the base of its crown and the result is extraordinarily dazzling and highly very prestigious.

Available with central diamond, 0.30 carats and larger.


The Diamanti sulla Pelle Collection is an innovative jewel, extraordinarily unique and without equal.

It is the eternity ring with added value thanks to the Bibigì international patent, because the diamonds it is set with are all calibrated and because its gold setting is invisible.

All you see with the Diamanti sulla Pelle collection are the diamonds.

Available in all carats.

Diamonds on the skin

Anello AN1416W03N

Diamonds on the skin

Earrings ORA8708B

Diamonds on the skin

Ring AS1167BS

Diamonds on the skin

Ring AS1109B

Diamonds on the skin

Ring AS1108BR

Diamonds on the skin

Ring AS1107BN

Diamonds on the skin

Ring AS1105BN

Diamonds on the skin

Ring AFS1067B


The Versailles Collection by Bibigì is a jewellery classic with timeless refined style that recalls jewels from every age.

From the sumptuous French court, with all its pomp and dazzle, to modern times with the same light and elegance, the Versailles collection is a masterpiece out of time.

Available with central diamond 0.08 carats and larger.


The Louvre Collection by Bibigì draws inspiration from the famous pyramid in Paris, its strong image and impacting style in modern taste with a determined personality.   

Like that pyramid, the stronghold that preserves the greatest masterpieces of art, our Louvre jewel, with its pyramid shape, holds the most precious of treasures: the diamond.

Available with central diamond, 0.08 carats and larger.