Every woman deserves a Bibigì jewel

The Prêt-à-Porter collection was created to satisfy the needs of the general public, inspired by classic high-end jewellery at affordable prices and available with an “easier” design suited to target young innovative taste.
The very name of the Prêt-à-Porter collection was a deliberate choice, clearly stating that this jewel is “ready-to-wear”, yet extraordinary whatever the occasion and whatever the need.

Typical Bibigì sophistication is carried through to the dedicated,elegant box that accompanies each piece in this huge collection, like a special versatile gift.
Prêt-à-Porter jewels are all meticulously finished and certified by an exclusive guarantee attesting that their manufacturing quality meets jewellery standards.
Brilliant detail with diamonds, pearls and coloured stones, in a line of jewels reworked in an “easy chic” style always excites and surprises with its vast assortment of articles
Prêt-à-Porter by Bibigì is an accessible luxury for wearing anytime, anywhere.

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Many people has the notion


    Bibigì was founded in 1979, an enterprising initiative set in motion by Franco Beltrami, Aldo Bernardotti, and Bruno Guarona, three friends, professionals from the gold jewellery sector, who decided to join forces in this intense exciting venture.

    Great experience, a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit and an inherent talent for taste came together in the creation of marvellous jewellery collections by Bibigì.

    Their ambitious desire was to bring a breath of fresh air and innovation to the world of jewellery, in order to gain recognition and make their names known.
    Bibigì aims to convey a well-defined self image, adopting a philosophy of interpretation of jewellery that will last in time.